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We are Unique: Recruitment company + Career Coach + Human Resource Management in ONE.

With more than 20 years of experience in the business, one of our strengths has been helping clients identify future employees that fit in their company's culture. We also spend a lot of time helping candidates understand their strengths and personality, so they can make the right career choices.

More Than Just a Headhunter

Through our unique staffing process: in-depth due diligence, screening, interviewing, and skills testing, we have been able to provide top talent to companies, especially during the most crucial phases – start-up and growth stages.

Career Coaching

We are extremely passionate about helping employees thrive in any situation. During time of needs, we have been giving advice to those who need it. Employees have had a more successful career transition because of our help.

Unique Staffing Solutions
Unique Staffing Solutions

How Does Our Recruiting System Work?

  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    Your Recruitment project will be personally led by our HR Director Ruth Tan who has more than 20 years of experience working in the recruitment industry. She has experience with both Canadian and US markets.

  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    Ruth specializes in HARD TO FILL roles, e.g., Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Software Engineers, DevOps, Cloud, Data Engineers, Mechatronics Engineers, UI/UX, Financial Controller, Senior Executives, and Accounting roles, etc.
  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    She has lots of experience working for start-ups, giving HR consultations for those that don’t have their own HR department. Ruth has a great understanding of their growing pains, resulting in strategies to save them time and money in recruiting. She also has a great understanding of psychology, which improves hiring and retention rate for employers.
  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    Ruth can find candidates more efficiently by using social media and blogs and setting up proper recruiting and sourcing processes. These candidates have often commended her for being one of the most technical recruiters they have spoken to.
  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    The average turnaround time from job order to resume submissions is 48 – 72 hours, interview rate between 50 – 80%. Unique Staffing Solutions’ client retention rate is as high as 80%.
  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    Want to know more? Book a time for a free consultation.

Want to know more? Book a time for a free consultation.

We are Socially Conscious

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We care about those in need, both locally and globally. We also care about nature and animals. We will donate 5% of our profits to,

Pay It Forward Recruitment Referral Program

Candidate referrals – a choice of  up to $2000 to Paypal/ Visa/MC Gift Card/E-transfer or a donation to a charity of your choice. (payable after a probational period)

Client referrals – a choice of $2000 Paypal/Visa/MC Gift Card/E-transfer or a donation to a charity of your choice.

All referrals are contacted within 48 – 72 hours following submission.

Interview Bonus

We are unique even comes to our referral bonus.

You do not have to wait until your referrals get hired to get paid.

You will receive a $20 Amazon gift card for each referral who is asked by the client for an official face-to-face interview within one year of referral.

All information obtained is strictly confidential and used solely for Unique Staffing Solutions’ purposes and never sold or exposed to a 3rd party.

Unique Staffing Solutions