If you have been advised to keep your resume shorten to 2 pages, please read –

As a Recruiter of over 20 years. I have come across lots of resumes with only 2 pages long. When I ask the candidate why is the resume so short, they say they have been advised by Resume Writer to keep it short.

Yes, it works if you are entry level or you only have less than 3 jobs in your work history.

But if you find it difficult to condense all your career history into 2 pages, that is very normal and you really do not have to do that.

The key for a good resume to be easy to read is not based on the length of your resume but based on how you put your contents together.

As Technical Recruiter or Hiring Manager, we are looking for contents that are easy to read but not how short they are.

We like resumes that are –

  • Written in Point Forms
  • Highlight important keywords
  • All your technology keywords need to be there, do not assume that we will ask you if we do not see the keyword because we might not have time to clarify that with you.
  • Put in month and years in your career history, not just years.
  • Your achievements, not your job description.
  • Choronogical resume, not functional resume.

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