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With more than 20 years of experience in the business, one of our strengths has been helping clients identify future employees that fit in their company's culture. We also spend a lot of time helping candidates understand their strengths and personality, so they can make the right career choices.

Unique Staffing Solutions

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Unique Staffing Solutions' comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services are designed to help you attract, recruit, and retain the professionals you need to drive business growth. Our proven methodology, based on best practices that have been tested for over 20 years, provides a high-touch approach during every step of the recruitment process, from the beginning stages of sourcing through to the conclusion of onboarding.

We are committed to providing real, long-lasting value by recruiting professionals that align with your mission and your corporate culture. When you work with Unique Staffing Solutions, you’re our priority. Our dedicated delivery team is assigned to you and nobody else.

We’re confident in our abilities because we’ve proven effective in providing RPO services to companies with varying needs in a multitude of organizations. No matter what your company does or what roles you are filling, we can provide a solution that leads to your desired future state.

We’re different from other recruitment outsourcing companies because we treat every client relationship as a true partnership, one that is committed to growing your business. We act transparently during every step of the RPO process and customize our solutions for optimal results.

  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    Your Recruitment project will be personally led by our HR Director Ruth Tan who has more than 20 years of experience working in the Recruitment Industry. She has experience with both Canadian and US markets.
  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    Ruth specializes in HARD TO FILL roles, and her specialties are – Executive Search, any IT positions, Any Finance and Accounting positions, Engineering.
  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    She has a lot of experience working for start-ups, giving HR consultations for those that don’t have their own HR department. Ruth has a great understanding of their growing pains, resulting in strategies to save them time and money in recruiting. She also has a great knowledge of psychology, which improves hiring and retention rate for employers.
  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    Ruth can find candidates more efficiently by using social media and blogs and setting up proper recruiting and sourcing processes. These candidates have often commended her for being one of the most technical recruiters they have spoken to.
  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    The average turnaround time from job order to resume submissions is 48 – 72 hours, interview rate between 50 – 80%. Unique Staffing Solutions’ client retention rate is as high as 80%.
  • Unique Staffing Solutions
    Check out Ruth’s LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruthtanrjs/

We provide full-cycle outsourced HR support and services:

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Legislation & compliance
  • Performance & talent management
  • Policies
  • Employment standards
  • Leadership assessment and development
  • Employee engagement.

During times of company restructuring, we also offer a cost-effective way to help with outplacement services. We offer one on one career coaching services to those who need it. We are passionate about making sure every employee is getting treated properly during any situation.

We also specialize in supporting start-ups who wish to integrate into the Canadian market and ensure that all the right HR components are in place to be successful. We also help organizations to understand and comply with both federal and provincial legislation and employment laws.

Some clients prefer to work on a contingency basis with us.

We can help you find the right talents you need.

We specialize in Headhunting techniques instead of the usual job posting to find you the right candidates. We believe that you do not have to pay us a 20% fee just for us to post a job. Our Recruiters are trained in direct headhunting to attract candidates who are not actively looking for work.

Unique Staffing Solutions

Reference from Candidate

Name – Eugene Voskoley (QA Specialist) Industry – Technology Great value on speaking with Ruth. We were able to cover a lot of topics in 30 minutes. She is very insightful, aware of the industry trends. Answered all my questions and helped me to see things from a more strategic perspective. She gave me some actionable tips about…
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Reference from Candidate

Name – David Kiss (Software Developer) Industry – Software Comments: Ruth is a very positive and dedicated person, always willing to give a helping hand. She is very technical and had a solid background with startups. I sought her out for advice on multiple occasions and was very happy with her feedback. Thanks Ruth!
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Reference From Client

Name – Sanjiv Purba (VP) Industry – Human Resources, Project Management Comments: Ruth is an excellent business partner. She understands our business and needs. She is prompt, doesn’t get overwhelmed despite the workload, and delivers outstanding value. I’m looking forward to working with her on many initiatives in the future.
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Reference from Client

Name – James Pang (CTO) Industry – Software Comments : I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ruth during the growth phase at Platform Computing and more recently at a startup. Ruth has a strong pool of candidates and has deep knowledge of the background of each candidate. Ruth “gets” hi-tech companies and is respectful…
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Reference from Candidate

Name – Winnie Wu (Project Manager) Industry – Financial Ruth was candid and thoughtful in her feedback when I was working with her exploring my next opportunity. I appreciate her personable approach and taking the time to understand my goal and provided me with specific and pragmatic suggestions. 
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