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what recruiters really think about when they interview candidates

BY GLASSDOOR TEAM Recruiters may seem intimidating, but they genuinely want the best for both candidates and the company. Good recruiters want you to have the best experience possible during the application and interview process—but even though they want the best for you, there are some things that they just can’t share. Salary bands, candidate competition,…
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Struggling To Attract Top Tech Talent? Here Are The 7 Recruiting Mistakes You’re Making

In a tight labor market driven by tech talent, it’s a dog-eat-dog world and companies are struggling to attract quality candidates to drive their business forward. According to a study by Bersin by Deloitte, the average recruitment process takes about 52 days. Yet, top candidates only last on the market about 10. It’s no surprise technology is impacting…
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THE ANSWER IS – DEPENDS!  If you have been advised to keep your resume shorten to 2 pages, please read – As a Recruiter of over 20 years. I have come across lots of resumes with only 2 pages long. When I ask the candidate why is the resume so short, they say they have…
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Work from home: 64 expert tips for staying healthy, happy, and productive Whether you’ve been working from home for years, or are just getting started, it’s not as easy and fun as you one might think. There are mental hurdles to overcome, including the feeling of isolation, especially if the only voice you’ve heard all day long is yours as you talk to your dog or…
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How The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Fast-Tracking Digital Transformation In Companies

If “necessity is the mother of invention,” coronavirus (COVID-19) forced many around the world to rethink our daily lives from work to school to entertainment. In response to travel bans, school closures, and recommendations to not gather in large groups and keep our distance from fellow humans to limit the spread of the virus, many…
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Free Career Consultations during COVID 19

As a Senior Technical Recruiter, I want to extend my helping hand to any IT people who are currently being laid off due to COVID 19. I understand that this is a very difficult time for a lot of people. IT is an industry that is constantly evolving, and you might be wondering what to…
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